Welcome to the ‘Voreda Books’ website!  Since 2008, an independent high quality imprint, stimulating readers’ imaginations over lost eras shaping our modern world, raising our flag in cyberspace. Author, Clive Ashman’s sequel to his ‘MOSAIC’: his stunning ‘TWO-EIGHT-SIX’ pairing distant past with digital future, modern wars waged out on the ‘web’ with old controversies about Britain’s relationship with Europe:   A good read! (I was) able to finish your book (TWO-EIGHT-SIX) over the Christmas break.... I really enjoyed it, particularly the Carausius storylines. Felt you created a great atmosphere, providing an insight into what it must have been like in later 3rd-century Roman Britain. The sea-going bits particularly evocative, as was trip up to Pictland..... metal-detecting story towards the end.”  Dr Peter Halkon MA FSA Dept.History, University of Hull

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 The Futures In Our Past